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Khiladi 786 sequel to be named as Khiladi 西

13, Dec 2012 By idiot420

Excited by success of Khiladi 786 Akshay Kumar announced it’s sequel which will be named as Khiladi 西.

When media persons asked him the reason for inclusion of a Chinese alphabet in movie name, he said, “as you all know 786 was in movie name because my character 72 Singh has 786 like shape in his palm which is formed by his palm lines. But this time I have considered my original palm lines which looks much like a Chinese alphabet, i have done this as most of us have similar looking palm lines and this will help audience to connect with lead character. Beside this, in sequel my character’s mother will be an old Chinese lady unlike a mid aged Canadian in Khiladi 786.”

Akshay’s logic that most of us have some unknown Chinese alphabets in our palms has irked India professional palmistry association (IPPA). Senior spokesperson of IPPA has blamed Akshay for humiliating Indian culture which boasts itself as origin point of Palmistry. He told that if such movies are released then Chinese can easily claim Palmistry as some pre historic Chinese science.

This whole issue is also being raised by some Chinese tabloids. They have crossed all the limits and are claiming that human palm lines have evolved after being inspired by Chinese alphabets and China is the origin of Palmistry not India.

Meanwhile between ongoing controversy, USA has created a special team of linguists and cryptographers to find some relation between palm lines and English so that it can also participate in war of words.

Akshay’s movie sequel has already created an International buzz and now his production house can eye for a big worldwide release .