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Kejriwal threatens to expose the 'mother' in HIMYM

08, Feb 2013 By Shiva Kumar Dhivakar

After exposing Robert Vadra, Salman Khurshid,  Nitin Gadkari and Sheila Dikshit in various scams, Aam Aadmi Party founder Arvind Kejriwal today created a stir in the entertainment industry as he threatened to reveal who Ted’s wife was in the popular TV series, ‘How I Met Your Mother’, which is currently airing its 8th season.

Kejriwal’s stunning declaration was aimed at winning the favour of the urban youth in India by preventing them from enduring the misery of patiently watching every single episode of the now-lacklustre soap and endlessly waiting for the lead protagonist Ted Mosby to reveal who the ‘mother’ was. This disclosure sent shivers across TV moguls of several countries and the producers of HIMYM, apparently alarmed at losing their viewers, have taken the next flight from New York  to Delhi in an attempt to persuade Kejriwal not to go ahead with his revelation and wait for a one more season when the show would eventually end.

Kejriwal knows who the ‘mother’ is and he is ready to expose

Leaders of top political parties in India have reportedly been ruffled by this incident as they suspect the American producers would be obliged pay a lump sum kickback in the form of donations to the Aam Aadmi Party to silence them. An insider from a leading national party revealed, “We generally blackmail, threaten and extort money from our local businessmen and filmmakers to gather funds and maintain the party, but for the first time in India’s history, this man has taken a giant leap and expanded this business into international markets. We are now apprehensive that with those dollars, Kejriwal would employ more party workers, enlarge his clout and give us some tough competition during the elections.”

Ever since he issued that threat, Aam Aadmi Party’s office was flooded with a myriad of letters and emails from fans of HIMYM from all over the world expressing their support for Kejriwal and earnestly pleading him to relieve them of their suspense at the earliest. Meanwhile, husbands across the country have requested Kejriwal to expose Ekta Kapoor and get her serials banned before the IPL season commenced so that they wouldn’t have to fight with their wives for the TV remote.