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Kejriwal holds a press conference, demands enquiry into Anushka Sharma’s lips

11, Feb 2014 By anshg64

Lip job gone BAD
Looking good despite the lip job.

Anushka Sharma who has been in the limelight for apparently getting a lip job ,came into Arvind Kejriwal’s radar. He lambasted her for setting a wrong example and misguiding young girls into getting a lip job.

He did not even spare Karan Johar and said, “yeh Karan Johar apne show pe sawaal puchne ke naam pe lip job karne wale doctors ki dalaali kar rha hai. Isne show ke naam pe dukaan khol rakhi hai.Isme Videshi takkaton ka haath hai”. He hinted at a bigger conspiracy by suggesting that this controversy had affected Virat Kohli’s concentration, who otherwise could easily have scored 40 runs more and Team India could have won the Auckland match.

Surpisingly, though,senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley also supported Arvind on this issue. Terming it as a “curious Lip Job”, he said that he would ask the party’s prime ministerial candidate to contact his women’s stalking cell and try to find out the circumstances in which Anushka went under the knife. Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi demanded that RTI should be strengthened and Anushka Sharma’s lips be brought under it.

The Bollywood fraternity also came to Anushka’s aid and accused Kejriwal of shooting from the lip hip.Sonakshi Sinha tweeted, “Kudos,Anushka”. She said she was ecstatic for finally there was someone who could kiss her forehead completely. Also, Virat Kohli rubbished Arvind’s claim that his concentration was diverted. He said that on the contrary he is quite happy with Anushka’s lip job. Now he need not remove his helmet to kiss her.

When contacted, Anushka rubbished Arvind’s allegations of “videshi takkaton ke haath”, claiming all the doctors involved were Indians as she showed the Indian passports of the doctors!!