Sunday, 18th February, 2018

KBC is distant teacher for viewers

31, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: “You are a peculiar kind of artist”, said the KBC host to a participant. He did not stop saying only this but also added more and more good word references in support of that good-humoured participant. His peculiarity was that he cared a fig for Kanta Ben while answering different tough or easy queries. His style of delivering answers was far different those of several contestants. Being the able host of this television programme the senior thespian Amitabh Bachchan handles the whole situation during the course of question-hour duration in a very interesting way.

This is the single programme which enhances the viewers’ knowledge. Even the young viewers particularly students are showing much interest in this clued-up programme. Although a few of the contestants will secure the money yet it provides each viewer opportunity to learn something vital in the form of information. The questions are comparatively not as hard as confounding the lucky hot seat contender. What really is required by the competitor is the instant ready-mindedness. Guesses certainly do not work every time as was seen with the contestant made to answer the question based on Myanmar’s border.

This is the ninth edition of the programme there is just the same interest, attention, curiosity and concentration on the part of the enormous viewers who remain glued to the TV at its allotted time. The way it is presented by the host is commendable. His every effort to make the programme attention-grabbing and appealing continues till the end. He knows how to tackle the contest sitting before him. He attempts to reduce fright of the participant selected after the fastest finger first game. Sometimes the viewers are supposed to be thinking of the futility of the distance education in view of the KBC. It is truly part of the free education programme.