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Kareena Kapoor to sue 3 Idiots' makers

11, Jun 2014 By jonivestal

In the run up to the 5th anniversary of the release of the Bollywood film 3 Idiots, its lead actress Kareena Kapoor has issued a show cause notice to the makers of the film to re-title the film as 4 Idiots considering she too was one of the biggest idiots to star in the film.

In the letter leaked to the media, Kareena has stated that her character of Pia in the film was a far more bigger idiot as compared to the big 3 Idiots  – Aamir, Mahadavan and Sharman put together.

Kareena Kapoor.
Kareena Kapoor.

To support her claim, she has maintained that not only her character Pia in the film have an on/off engagement with the materialistic Suhas for 10 long years, she simultaneously two timed him by having an extra-engagement affair with the stupid Ranchodas who was forever giving her demonstrations.

She was idiot enough not to understand her beau Ranchoddas’s explanation of her fiancé Suhas’s materistic character despite Suhas proving himself how dumb he can be time and again. But Kareena added that didn’t make Suhas an idiot but her character an idiot.

To further substantiate her claim of being a bigger idiot, she was so dumb not to realize that prestigious institutions like ICE  where her father was the dean stores students contact details. It would have been simple for her to look up in the college files Ranchoddas’ home address rather than depend on Silencer for 5 long years. How idiotic she can be.

At one point, she even allowed her pregnant sister Mona to flirt with a drunk Ranchoddas in the middle of the night. How naive she could be?

She had threatened to disclose more of her idiotic aces if the film makers failed to take recognition of her demand.

Meanwhile there’s a strong rumour doing the rounds that the other supporting casts of 3 Idiots are considering taking a morcha to the producer’s office demanding even they be considered as idiots and be included in the film’s title. After all they too were quite idiotic in the film – right from Virus to Silencer, Raju Rastogi’s mother to  Farhan’s father Mr. Qureshi who mouthed the dialogue “Mera beta engineer banega”. Abe pehle use bada toh hone de!