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Karan Johar to remake Hunger Games, replaces all the tests with MBA entrance exams

13, Jan 2014 By siddhartha

Karan Johar, the respected film maker of Bollywood,  bought the rights of The Hunger Games Trilogy, starring Jenniffer Lawrence for an undisclosed amount.

He plans to remake the movie replacing the tests with MBA examinations as they suit the nativity in India. Speaking to the press he said, ” We don’t want to copy the  easy tests from original and will be replacing the tests with much more complicated and tougher MBA examinations like CAT, XAT. The plot remains the same. To save one one’s life, one should get the maximum score in all the examinations.”

Alia Bhatt expressed her interest in the role but Karan Johar reportedly rejected her due to her high IQ. ” Someone who thinks our president is Prithviraj Chauhan cannot participate in the tests or at least act as one”, he said.

Students who are preparing for MBA examinations are already excited. ” We are looking forward for the film since it might offer some tips to crack the entrances,” said MB Akash,30, who has been preparing for XAT since he was 20.

Meanwhile Arindham Choudary came forward to sponsor the film.