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Kamal Rashid Khan gives up acting, turns into political analyst.

05, Nov 2014 By pareshanatma

What a stud!

In what is being considered a major blow to political fraternity, Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK has decided to turn into political analyst. This news came after KRK posted on his highly followed and abused facebook page “All you #2Rspeople will see my political knowledge now”.

This news hasn’t gone down lightly with many political honcos, while some welcomed the move. Rakhi Sawant has openly invited KRK to become spokesperson of her party. Meanwhile, many feel that this is India’s answer to Zaid Hamid, Pakistan counterpart. Zaid Hamid tweeted soon after, taking a dig at KRK.

“Yakeen Janiye, ye zionist baniyo ki saazish hai Pakistan ke khilaf. Iska jawab humein atom bomb se denge,” Hamid said.

KRK was quick to reply to it.

“You #2RsPeople lukha i keep as servants,” KRK replied.

Many fear that this altercation might result in an all out war between India and Pakistan. Many have asked UN to intervene and sought this twitter war peacefully before many civilains die laughing.

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