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Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK agrees to review Chennai Express

05, Aug 2013 By Amit Bhagat

Last Monday brought immense moments of happiness for SRK fans when after so much of efforts they finally succeeded to persuade Kamaal Rashid Khan well known as KRK to give review for Chennai Express.

The Superstar of Superstars

KRK announced this news via a tweet. Hundreds of SRK fans gathered around KRK’s Villa. After so many requests KRK came to the balcony and waved towards the fans.

Let us remind you that KRK promised that he won’t give review for any B or C grade movie. But now after comparing SRK fans tweets about Chennai Express he realized that he got the power of words of wisdom.

Talking to Faking News correspondent he revealed that he already bought a new Red Blazer from “Nanne Miyan Ladies and Gents Tailor” especially for YouTube video. The CEO of YouTube is in ICU but unconfirmed sources say no relation between KRK’s announcement and CEO’s depression.

KRK will give review on a wheelchair and with a sign language because his leg is broken due to so many kicks to his haters and lips are swelled due to so many kisses to Deepika Padukone.