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Kamaal R Khan to replace Gandhi Ji on Rs 2 notes

04, Jan 2014 By kachcha_khiladi

RBI governor Mr. RaghuRam Rajan announced yesterday that Kamaal R. Khan would replace Gandhiji on the 2Rs notes.

Kamaal Rashid Khan
2 Rs celebrity.

In an exclusive interview to faking news he said in KRK’s trademark style, “Good morning and kiss to KRK for advertising 2Rs notes and kick to Gandhiji for no reason. I think Kamaal bhaijaan has advertised 2Rs notes to a great extent.  I read his recent 2Rs  awards for actors and actresses and saw people following it more than IIFA. As it is 2Rs notes are dying fast, having kamaal bhaijaan’s photo will be a XX factor. The nation needs a youth icon and who better than Kamaal bhaijaan.”

Movie critic Taran Adarsh also came out in support of Kamaal bhai. He said, “I haven’t seen such a humble and honest critic in my entire life. He is a man of few stars. I have been biased throughout my life and always give 4 to 5 stars, but kamaal bhaijaan has showed us how to critic a movie.”

Rajeev Masand also praised him saying, ” He deserves every bit of credit and this is the least government  can do to honor him. I think he is the Nostradamus of our times. All his predictions are bang on be it Chennai Express or Krrissh 3.But what struck me was his prediction of Dhoom3. Predicting outcome of a  movie starring Uday Chopra, Abhishek Bachchan and Aamir Khan is more complicated than solving a differential equation with three variables. Hats off to him.”