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Kadwi Hawa follows Garm Hawa's core

26, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

 KANPUR: It is after decades a feature film like Garm Hawa has arrived at the theatres. It is known by the name of Kadvi Hawa. There is some sort of similarity in the film title but the story is different. That film was filmed in the background of the partition while this film focuses on the farmers’ sufferings. Both the films can be placed into the characterisation of changing human emotions in accordance with the circumstances.

Even the film critics write about everything good about this film. The stunning performance of Hedu (Sanjay Mishra, whom audience recognise from his TV serial acting days) an aged poor blind farmer of a rural area brings the verve of factual story of the lively life on the wide screen. Through this film, a reality has been put in the film’s various scenes. It is here lays the film’s intrinsic beauty. Such art or realistic film shakes us to a larger extent. This is the kind of film which ignites us, awakens us, makes us aware and moves our conscious up and down.

How his family gets entangles into the intricacy of the bank loan. He was not even attentive to the amount his son Mukund has borrowed from the bank. Not only the aged man but other characters like Ranvir Shorey and Tillotima Shome have also left deep imprints on viewers’ minds.

Nature’s fury has been filmed very ably. A blind farmer does not know what is rain? A wife gets disturbed with husband’s whereabouts and the childish innocence fill the film narrative with extraordinarily probing interest.

When the country reels under the protests over the yet-to-be-released Padmawati, the tensed spectators could relieve themselves by viewing this touching film. Was it not correct to stay connected with the present day problematic situation than to the past days’ events?