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Justice Katju now reveals that Chetan Bhagat bad author, wrote latest novel with one hand only

12, Aug 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Justice Katju
“You dont believe me?”

After coming out with two belated revelations about corruption in the judiciary, Justice Katju has decided to make revelations about a few people in the non-judicial universe as well. Today, Katju trained his guns at Chetan Bhagat – who he revealed was an “atrociously bad author”.

“I know this is coming almost ten years too late when nothing can actually be done about it,” Katju said, in a telephonic conversation with this Faking News reporter. “But the nation must know. Chetan is an atrociously bad author… Additionally, my sources have told me that he wrote his last novel with his right hand only. Maybe that’s why it is called ‘Half Girlfriend’?”

Sources however said that the move was one of Chetan’s publicity stunts meant to drum up publicity for his latest book “Half Girlfriend”. Tadapit Kumar, an engineering student and like Katju, absolutely no authority on Chetan Bhagat’s writing said, “So what if Chetan wrote the book with one hand or is an atrociously bad writer. He is the Salman Khan of writing. We are all waiting to get our hand on Chetan bhai’s book.”

“Next I will reveal that Yo Yo Honey Singh’s songs are sung by computers and not by an actual human being,” Katju concluded. “Maybe.”