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Journalist detained by police on charges of interviewing Kamal R Khan

05, Aug 2014 By Somesh Chandran

A veteran Indian journalist has been detained by the police after reports emerged that he had a brief interview with Indian superstar, Mr. Kamal R Khan. State CCTV showed a young handsome man, reported to be Kamal R Khan talking to renowned journalist Sed Hatap Maidak.

Mr. Maidak has confessed to the crime and expressed remorse for his actions. “I think what I did endangered the interests on the nation, I apologize and assure the citizens of India that it will not happen again.”

This is not the first time a reporter has been detained for speaking to Mr. Kamal R.Khan. Just two months ago, reports emerged of a woman speaking to the critically acclaimed actor.

What a stud!

Mr. Khan is too great an actor to be doing regular T.V interviews. His talent must be used wisely or else the citizens of the country might get too dependent on him for their source of happiness, Psychologist Barish Metty said.

He goes on to say, “the actor is like a drug, the more you watch him, the more you want him. It is highly dangerous to show such a beautiful human being on television more than once a year.”

Parents of college going students have vociferously protested throughout the week outside major colleges in Mumbai like Xavier’s and Podar. Dolly Leone, the mother of a 21 year old girl from Xavier’s explains, “my daughter is not able to concentrate on her exams since her eyes are constantly on Mr. Khan. This has to stop or else we will move to the Supreme Court to regulate the actor’s appearance on television.”

It is not just girls who are falling prey to Mr. Khan’s looks. Bollywood superstar Tushar Kapoor had this to say, “Yes, he is an enigma. I constantly learn new skills from him. I sometimes do get lost in his sparkling eyes; he is like an acid trip that never ends.”

Spokesperson of the actor revealed, “Mr. Khan has just embarked on a visit to Nepal to assist Shree Narendra Modiji in speeding up negotiations on the power trade pact. That is all I can reveal as of now.”

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