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JJ take over lead role in Vishwaroopam-II

03, Feb 2013 By rajs

AA (Sorry in the heading we wrongly mentioned it as JJ we clarify that it is not JJ it is AA -please dont ban this article by mistake District Collectors, we dont have House to lose  nor we did any  50 year career to defame)is acting in Vishwaroopam 2 as CM.

While Kamal Hassan was talking to Muslim representatives about the editing of Vishwaroopam, AA finalised the Script for the Vishwaroopam –II in consultation with State Home Secretary and State Public Prosecutor and Kamal’s Pawn Broker Financiers. Although AA is acting, she accepted magnanimously after lot of persuasion by  Public Prosecutor that Kamal can still be called a Director and a Producer and he can also act in some scenes.

AA called for HC division bench to sit with her during the discussion so that later on if they are required they can pre-deliver judgment even before any Govt actions are questioned in courts.  But it seems HC division bench refused that call saying they had to watch Vishwaroopam along with their family members one more time to determine if the film is suitable for families.

The story will start from Kamal’s entering Tamil Nadu and his House is threatened to be auctioned by pawn broker who was bowing to AA and she will take over from that scene to do the lead role so that she will not be inclined to ban it. The total finance will be by pawn broker appointed by her at 4.5% per month and Kamal’s head is pledged and AA indicated that it may be chopped in case of failure so he needed to direct it properly to make AA a great heroine.

Kamal’s brother interpreted Kamal’s nodding to a mobile phone call as acceptance to AAs conditions and signed with  money lender and Govt and all the 1000 private papers shown/thrown at him. He later clarified that it was not black mail, it was voluntary act done at the pleasure of AA. NDTV broadcast a special discussion with eminent people who ridiculed this as nothing but slavery and coercion.

But Public Prosecutor in the State defended saying it is in the Public interest and for maintaining the peace.  On next day TV, AA announced that the shortage of Police was a factor in her taking up lead role in Vishwaroopam-II. When she is in the film, she can be in so many theatres at the same time and personally can take care of any agitations and problems to safeguard State’s peace and tranquillity.

Central Minister for Film & Broadcasting said this is not correct and called for a panel to study all the laws of the land for him to understand what blackmailing is and how to prevent it in film releasing. PM clarified that he will see that film to make a decision later or it could be somebody taking a decision at that time.