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JEE to introduce 'Actual Interests Finder' test, entertainment industry aspirants to get special marks during B.Tech

23, Mar 2015 By Shashi Mukherjee

New Delhi: The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) committee in a recent press meet stated that it would be introducing an ‘Actual Interests Finder’ test which will be conducted after JEE Mains and before JEE Advanced and will comprise of an online test based on a questionnaire and then an online talent hunt show by means of Google Hangout reportedly to be judged by Anu Malik, Raghu Ram and Himesh Reshammiya.

This step has been taken mainly to help students who suddenly deviate from engineering towards acting, writing, direction, standup comedy and most importantly, Roadies. This initiative will give a special ‘free marks’ support to students, who develop such interests even before joining engineering college by eradicating their struggles with B.Tech. Reacting to this, phenomenal actor Sushant Singh Rajput tweeted – “@itsSSR wish it wz der in my days.. cd hv ended things on a ‘Pavitra’ note.. check out-”

Aditya Chopra, chairman of Yash Raj Films told Faking News,”We have scheduled to conduct campus placements along with Balaji, UTV, Dharma in the premier engineering colleges of the country. We have received an amazing response. The Training and Placement (TnP) cells of Delhi Technological University (DTU) and IIT Delhi have come up to be among the first to accept this proposal of ours. Finally we are going to give educated superstars to the industry.”

Rivaldo addressing the students

Meanwhile, celeb alumni Nitin Gupta and Vipul Goyal addressed the students in IIT Bombay assuring them of a ‘Standup Engineering and YouTube Architeture’ branch to be brought into action soon.

There has also been a proposal to introduce a “Parents ko pata ke do wing” led by TVF Founder-CEO Arunabh Kumar whose job would be to convince parents of such students about not nailing them with one-liners like – “Woh Sharmaji kya kahenge”, “Kya banega tu? Shah Rukh Khan?”, “Kitni mehnat ki tujhe engineer banane ke liye” upon knowing their wards’ deviated interests and passions. The parents will thus be given enough time for understanding the phenomenon right from the 1st year and then accepting the ‘sadma’ boldly in the 3rd year of engineering.

Bas hum thak chuke hain bhai. We have taken this decision after rounds of debates. Everytime our IITs prepare an engineer (mostly mechanical), he betrays us by getting into acting and shit. Bhai 4 saal bandi na milne par itni badi saza kyon?” – a JEE official texted us on whatsapp later at night after we irritated him with “today is the last love eclipse of the century..choose a number from 1 to 10, each number contains a dare” messages. The TFPS students of IIT Kharagpur now seem to be very happy and are cheerfully continuing with their prime task of making short films throughout their engineering years.