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Jadoo hijacks Mangalyaan, demands dogs from Koi Mil Gaya movie as ransom

26, Sep 2014 By newsfaker

Jaddo at Mangal

Faking news has recently received reports of Mangalyaan being hijacked at the Mars planet. The leader of organisation who hijacked Mangalyaan is named to be Jadoo, who is suspected to be the same guy who was left behind in Koi Mil Gaya movie when dogs started barking at him and his friends. At that time his friends had to hurry up and run away in their space ship in order to save their lives from earthly dogs. Jadoo was not around the space ship so he was left behind.

Jadoo , who commands numerous super powers, already knew all the details of MOM mission and ambushed the Mangalyaan. The MOM scientists were taken by surprise and they did not understand what was going on. They realized the whole story only after one of the scientists recognized Jadoo.

A few minutes later, after making sure that the scientists have recognized him, he started conversation with them. He said that he was very angry at the dogs who started barking at him and his friends which separated him from his friends. Earth was entirely a new world for him where he was stranded alone with out his mates. He ran all around at that night to hide himself from dogs. That was the scariest night of his life. Now he want revenge from the dogs by making them go through the same. He said if India want Mangalyaan safe, then they have to give him those dogs. He said he was angry at inspector Khurshid Khan as well but he pardoned him in return to all the good that Rohit Mehra, Nisha and Bittu did to him. He praised the three and thanked them for helping him at that time.

Scientists have forwarded his demands to government of India. The government has requested Rakesh Roshan to get in touch with Jadoo and gang and persuade them to release Mangalyaan.