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Jackie dropped from Musli Power commercials after Tiger Shroff accidentally bags best actress award

07, Jul 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Veteran Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff also known as Jackie dada has been permanently dropped from all future Musli Power commercials for which he has been a brand ambassador for quite some time now. Musli Power Co. took this drastic decision after Jackie’s son Tiger Shroff was apparently awarded the best supporting actress award during IIFA awards ceremony for his work in movie Heropanti. He was even addressed as Tigress by one of the presenting anchors.

“Everyone at IIFA ceremony initially thought it was Joke which anchors were playing” said veteran actress Rani Moorkhjee, “but then we came to know it was a genuine mis-understanding, wherein panelists thought Tiger was actually a girl. Things actually got quite embarrassing for Tiger as he was being repeatedly shown on screen with a nomination for Best supporting actress, and he finally won the award too.” – she said.

Jackie Shroff's reaction to the news
Jackie Shroff’s reaction to the news

According to sources Jackie dada did not take the whole fiasco very nicely and threw his muffler on ground in anger when Tiger was being announced in female category. Immediately after that he was seen walking out of the awards ceremony auditorium murmuring these words in anger – “Kitni baar samjhaya hai Tiger ko, lipstick mat lagaya kar, maanta hi nahi hai.”

Baljeet Shaktiveer a senior executive at Musli Power also clarified in detail the company stance on this incident – “Jackie Dada has been a long time brand ambassador for Musli Power and has been endorsing our product to young people, old lads and college kids alike. And too be very honest he has been quite a “manly” icon for our product owing to his heavy voice and thick moustache.”

“However with his son Tiger being confused as a girl instead of a guy at such a big a public forum, the things have changed. This news does not go down very well with our target consumer who is aspiring for extreme manhood and virility and hence we had to take a tough decision to drop him. Although personally he will always be my hero.”

Jackie dada himself has declined to comment on the whole issue and even threatened a reporter with dire consequences if he approached dada with any questions on the incident. It is also being rumored that Anil Kapoor will be the next Musli brand ambassador who will be replacing Jackie dada. Although Sonakshi Sinha was also being considered by Musli owing to her “mardana” demeanor but according to sources Anil Kapoor beat her by a very small margin owing to his evergreen “Baal-veer” image.