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Its Time for A Biopic on Inzamam - Bhaag Aloo Bhaag

22, Jul 2013 By rahul2freaky


After biopics on Muhammad Ali, Milkha Singh, Paan Singh Tomar et al, its time for a biopic for our very own Inzamam Ul Haq Aka ‘Aloo Haq’. Renown director Ramgopal Varma has confirmed in a press conference that he’s about to start the shooting of  his latest film ‘Bhaag Aloo Bhaag’ , a biopic on Inzamam. I am sure most of us will be flabbergasted, why such a name for his biopic? Lets dig into history to find out how and when Inzy got the distinction of being an aloo (potato). From his early days Inzamam’s has been on a heavier side with physique closely resembling a giant aloo. Inzamam has also been famous for his lightning fast running between the wickets too, hence the name ‘Aloo’ got tagged along with him.

Inzy 2

It was all fun and game until the 1997 Sahara Cup match against India in Toronto, in which Inzamam assaulted a member of the crowd, Shiv Kumar Thind, a Canadian-based Indian, who had been comparing Inzamam to several kinds of potato. Inzy almost pulped shiv into potato chips. This incident gave Inzy a Hulk and an angry young man’s  image in cricket fraternity.

From running himself out to running his teammates out, Inzy has done it all. Hence he’s also called as ‘the flying aloo’ by his fans. Its pretty baffling to say if he’s gotten himself out more times or his teammates. Inzy has always been a strong believer in the prophecy ‘when in doubt, get run out’. There was a time when cricket pundits believed that someday Inzy might get the batsmen at both the ends run out thanks to his uber running skills. And he did oblige them with this runout against India. Here’s a glimpse at his unique ‘flying between the wickets skills’-

Apart from his infamous running between the wickets he has also been known for his contribution of introducing unique ways to get out. A feat that even Sir Jadeja hasn’t been able to achieve. Few of his unique ways have been-

1). In his endeavors to kiss the wickets, he toppled over and got out hit wicket. 2). Getting out obstructing the field while jogging on the pitch and knocking the ball away. P.S- Do check out the whole video for his explanation and justification.

3). He’s the only batsman to play a delivery blindfolded (literally). Unfortunately he got bowled though.

Thanks to his close resemblance to an aloo, coupled with his constant endeavors to get out in innovative ways, the title is apt. And it was just the right time that they came up with a biopic on Inzamam. His fans have been vociferously demanding for Inzy to be inducted into the ICC ‘wall of fame’ for his immense contribution to the game. We hope the movie would also make it large, as large as Inzy himself.