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It was not Cheating, it was Shooting of Spiderman-4: Bihar Minister

24, Mar 2015 By electroman

Patna: Bihar Education minister has provided a twist in the story that is making headlines in recent days. The cheating which was caught on camera has gone viral in Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp and whaere not!

He claims that the commotion caught on camera was not cheating, but actually shooting for the upcoming movie Spiderman 4. The film crew wanted the scene to be very realistic, so they did not reveal their identity and were filming alongside the Indian journalists. The scene was the climax for the movie where Spiderman fights Doc Ock while trying to save the students who were held hostage by the villain in a damaged building which was also on fire.

Spiderman Climbing the wall
Spiderman Climbing the wall

The fact that there were many Spidermen hanging on the walls can be explained by the similarity of the story line with Dark Knight Rises, where there are copycat Batmen trying to help the hero. Also the presence of so many ropes instead of web explains the story is trying to reach the Indian audience.

In the climax, Tobey Maguire is fighting the villain inside the building, while the duplicate spider-men threw clues and secret documents which contained information to defeat the villain. This has been clearly twisted out of proportion and portrayed Bihar in a bad image in front of the whole nation.

The honorable minister has asked the media to show the real truth and not to spoil their state’s reputation. He wishes these young people to pass the exams with flying colors(and chits) and become a nuclear scientist or part of ISRO team for Chandrayaan 2. They can even become a signaler for Railway Traffic Control (God save our country).