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IT engineer traumatized after seeing his hair fall, fears no girlfriend for life

04, Jun 2015 By dumbsharabi

It all started on the day of Holi when Babu Rao was taking a Holy shower. After applying roomate’s shampoo, he realized that his hair were falling.

At first he thought there was some problem in the Shampoo as it was a cheap one, but on the following days he realized that he was getting bald. Unable to bear this trauma he fainted his roommate had to use play Sunny Leone movies to wake him up.

Hair hair everywhere!
Babu Rao wanted to be like this

After gaining senses he told us that it all started in college when he was a 2nd year B.Tech student and how he proposed a girl but got rejected. He initially thought the girl to be homosexual but after getting 6-7 rejections down the line, he asked his committed friend for his expertise who blamed his falling hair to be the sole reason.

From that day he took a pledge to avert hair fall.

He reduced his bath from rarely to occasionally fearing of Hard water that ran in college. He even applied razor to his chest, shoulders, cheeks so that extra hair may grow just in case of backup. It took him a complete 1 year to see the results when people started comparing him with Anil Kapoor (although he again proposed the same girl by flaunting his hair but this time he got suspended for 3 months on charge of molesting the girl).

When asked by Faking News for his Hair fall, he mulled for few minutes and then started blaming his job for his abysmal condition. Long work hours and on-site allurement had put a tremendous pressure on his head, which resulted in deterioration of his hair.

Influenced by Delhi CM, he is now thinking to opt for a naturopathy treatment in Banglore. When we asked about whereabouts of his College friend who gave him the advice, he told us that his girlfriend has left him and he is in the rehabilitation center for his drug addiction problem.