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ISRO finds Jaadoo on Mars

25, Sep 2014 By nehabanga

Mars: The morning of 24th September, ISRO’s Mars Orbiter mission took turns on turns in the history of the world.

As soon as it reached Mars’ Orbit at 7:47 am, the second turn to its right took it to a Mars’ residential society.

Spot Jadoo

Even more surprisingly, cameras placed inside the satellite spotted Mr. Jaadoo of Koi Mil Gaya, apparently going for a morning walk at around 8 am. As soon as he spotted the satellite focussing on him, he waved at it, seemingly sending a friendly wave for his old friends on Earth. A snap was sent to the ISRO Center in Bangalore, which thereafter leaked onto the social media.

Nobody exactly knows whom Mr. Jaadoo was waving for, but considering the history of Indian cinema, this wave could be directed at Jaadoo’s co-actor Mr. Ritik Boshan.

While humans are still debating if such fictitious encounter could be realistic and Narendra Modi Ji has already posted yet another “Jaadoo Utsav” Tweet, the Marsian Scientists Association (MSA) has issued petitions requesting Mr. Ritik to be taken along with them for the next trip to Mars.

Upon further questioning of the MSA, Mr. Ayer, Head Spacecraft Department, says, “The matter here is the increasing affection between aliens and humans which might bring greatness to the world. This fondness should be tackled with great delicacy and sensitivity.”

Meanwhile, sources tell Faking News that Mr. Boshan plans to send a call for Jaadoo through his OM mechanism, to acknowledge his wave back.

The human source was quoted saying, “Mr. Boshan is deeply touched by his co-actor’s regard and love, and would send him his double-thumbed wave too.”

Taking serious note of the relationship between the two, Ms. Suzen Khan Bosan quoted, “For some, humans are just not enough to live with. I would not comment on the reason of our separation, but it’s almost evident by his choices.”

Credits: Neha Banga, Tejas Dangre