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Ishant Sharma appointed as the new captain by Big Boss

21, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Bigg Boss

After the dramatic eviction(retirement)  of Sachin Tendulkar from the Indian Team, Big Boss asked Sachin to appoint two names from which new captain for the house to be appointed. based on all the experience Sachin gave the names of 1. MS Dhoni and 2. Ishant Sharma.  Big Boss decided to take vote for new captain from Indian team following are the  votes and reason for the same:

1. Sikhar Dhawan:(Just like the Tanisha of BB house) I will vote for Dhoni because he gave me the chance to play for India and in spite of bad form he is taking me with the team to SA.

2. Rohit Sharma:(Jsut like the Gauhar Khan of the BB house) I will vote for Ishant Sharma, because he has been waiting for long to be the captain of India. Even i have waited so long to play with Indian test squad so can feel her pain for the same.

3. Virat Kohli:(Actually he will be just like the Arman KOHLI) MC BC MKC………. my vote goes to Ishant ….. Because by bowling those great bad overs he game to chance to score those centuries while India chasing for the runs which was scored by other team on his balls.

4. C. Pujara (although ur vote doesn’t count but…..Just like the Elli Avram of BB house): My vote goes to Dhoni bhai because as people say I will be the next great wall for Indian team so Dhoni is the contractor for the construction for the same.

5.   MS Dhoni:(Just like the Kamya of BB house ) My vote goes to Ishant Sharma because I want to make him  feel the same situation when he screwed the match against Australia. This time I will ball against S.A. and will give 42 runs in an over.

6. R. Ashwin:(Just like the Pratyusa to Kamya in BB house) My vote goes to MS Dhoni. I don’t think so I need to give any reason for the same. I can give divorce to my wife but cannot give a vote against dhoni.

7. Sir Jadeja:(Just like the Sangram Singh of BB House) My vote goes to Shri Narender Modi ji because he will bring the all around development in our team. (All teams reaction: Bhai Gujrat se bahar nikal jaag jaddu jaag)

8. Ishnat Sharma:(Just like the Ejaz Bhai of BB house) I will vote for myself because i don’t want to leave this team and don’t want my name to be added in the list of Shewag, Bhajji and Zaheer.

9. B. Kumar:(Just like the Candy of BB house although she is evicted) My vote goes to MS Dhoni because I just want to be the future Ishant Sharma in the team and want that all the news channels at least show my face on this to the nation who am I.

10. Shami: (Just like the Sophiya of BB house) My vote goes to Ishnat Sharma as well because I want him to be a part of the team and swing all attraction towards him on bowling badly, and I know I cannot swing the ball In SA. Ishant will be the better swinger in that case.

11. A. Mishra:(just like the Andy of BB house, he is an entertainer) Vote for Amit Mishra (as andy do in the BB house).

Big Boss: Based on the voting 5-4-1-1. Ishnat Sharma is appointed as the new captain of Indian Cricket team. Ishant you can enjoy the trip and will not be out of the team for whole trip.