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Inspires by AAP, girl releases names of her 119 untrurtworthy ex-boyfriends

12, Feb 2014 By पत्रकार पाण्डे

Delhi. A city girl Neeti Aahuja, highly motivated by Arvind Kejriwaal and AAP released names of her 119 ex-boyfriends. She has claimed these guys are not trustworthy and appealed to all single girls not to date or marry them.


After this press release published in a national newspaper, it went viral in social media. When ‘Faking news’ contacted this 26 yrs old valiant girl, she responded, “when our CM can disclose names of corrupt politicians, why can’t I? As valentine season is in the air, I thought its right time for me to create some awareness. I always wanted to do something for my society, so I did it.”

“But, 119 boyfriends, don’t you think this figure a little surprising?’ ‘So what?’ she answered, ‘when near about 30% of our MP’s can be corrupt, I had only 119 boyfriends in this 1 billion people country, what’s wrong with it?”

We dared not to ask further questions. Meanwhile Jayendra Krishnan an IT professional in Bangalore, who was also named in her list, tweeted, “reason behind my breakup: her twitter addiction, never allowed me to cross the 140 characters limit during any discussion.”

BJP reacted aggressively, they alleged it AAP’s another publicity stunt. All persons named in the list are their own party workers and ticket seekers in coming assembly polls. It’s only a strategy to provide some media attention for them, nothing else.

However congress, coincidently fell in with BJP. Digvijay Singh tweeted, “badnaam honge toh kya, naam toh hoga.”