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Inspired by Indian film award shows, Hollywood stars try to buy Oscars

25, Feb 2017 By Kaustav Nayak

With the Academy Awards all set to be held tomorrow, a new controversy has taken Hollywood by storm. According to reports, many of those nominated have tried buying the awards for money after they heard such a practice was commonplace in one of the largest film industries of the world: Bollywood.

As soon as the news leaked, Sale and discount started everywhere around
As soon as the news leaked, Sale and discount started everywhere around

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, Casey Affleck, brother of Batman and nominated for Manchester By The Sea (a documentary on Manchester United)  said, “I have been campaigning very hard for the award. But when I read that in India the biggest stars can buy the awards for money, I thought what the hell. We should try that here too”.

While most are silent about this, reports suggest that a huge bidding war has been going on for most of the awards. Rumor mills are rife with the sensational claim that Meryl Streep has apparently asked whether an exchange system will work where she can return an old Oscar for a new. She has been quoted saying, “Well it’s like how you exchange your old iPhone for the latest iPhone. Why shouldn’t the same work for the Academy too?”

Mel Gibson, nominated in the best director category for his work in the film Hacksaw Ridge, is apparently very disturbed by this latest trend. He has said that we all know who to blame for this.