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Inspired by Vogue India's "My Voice", an engineer to make his own version of the film

31, Mar 2015 By rajatbhateja

Mumbai: After watching Deepika Padukone in Vogue India’s short film “My Voice”, Creepy Kumar, a final year Mechanical engineering student got inspired to create his own version of the film. When Faking News asked him to show it, he replied, “Being an engineer, I am also a procrastinator; hence I have only written the dialogues for it. I will shoot the film once I get an on-campus placement from Infosys.”

Mechanical Engineering working on the Documentary
Mechanical Engineering student, working on ‘My Voice’

Further, without being asked, he added, “Well this film is a powerful message dedicated to the willpower of every single engineering guy and how we perceive an imaginary girlfriend.” He kept on talking, “In my family, my mother is the only female in the house, hence none of us have a voice. Unke aage toh mere pitaaji ki bhi nahi chalti.” Finally we disrupted him, and he remarked “Bhai GD PI ki tayaari karne do. Mujhe aur interviews dene hai”. We ignored his plea.

Faking News was able to get a sneak peek into the dialogues for the film. Have a look:

My body. My mind. Your choice. To like my unbranded clothes or the fact that I don’t own a car. Your choice to reject or accept me based on my placement package. You don’t have a placement yourself, and never will. To use your “eww” reactions to stop me from flirting is to believe that you can halt the expansion of the universe. Or capture my one sided love in the palm of your hand. Your choices are limited, realize it. Mine are close to none (actually literally none). Let it be. Your choice. To be my girlfriend, or not. To make me the only committed guy in my class or not. Your choice. To love the local “I have daddy ke paise” guy or phukra self made me. Your choice. Don’t be upset if I tell everybody in my college about you. Don’t be upset if I even get serious about marrying you. Because my chances of having a girlfriend are equal to getting struck by lightening. Remember; I am your choice, you’re not my privilege.

The film will be out as soon as Creepy Kumar gets a placement call by Infosys. Faking News team will keep you updated.