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Inspired by Priyanka Gandhi, Himmesh Reshammiya’s wife comes out to defend his acting skills

27, Apr 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Mumbai. Inspired by Priyanka Gandhi’s spirited defence of the Congress party and especially her husband, Himesh Reshammiya’s wife has come out in defence of his acting skills as well.

Himesh is being unfairly targeted, his wife says.

Mr. Reshammiya, who is best known for singing through his nose with his mike held at a 180 degree angle above his head, has been widely panned for his acting abilities so far.

Soon after Priyanka Gandhi announced that her husband, Robert Vadra – who had accumulated 300 crores of wealth in an amazingly short period of time through dubious methods – was completely innocent, Mrs. Reshammiya came out with a statement that Mr. Reshammiya could act, contrary to popular perception.

Himesh Reshammiya who has been consistent in delivering spectacular flops so far expressed his joy at being labelled a good actor, if only by his own wife. “Uska pyaar pyaar pyaar, hookah bar bar bar,” he said in a high pitched tone that broke the window panes of a car parked nearby.

“Vadra is innocent, Reshammiya is a good actor, Rahul Gandhi has an IQ above 100 and pigs can fly,” said Tadapit Kumar, a random person contacted by this Faking News reporter for a soundbyte. “It’s like getting a Linkedin recommendation from your best friend after promising him a treat. Bol diye to ho gaya kya?