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Inspired by Mentalist, Rajnath orders CBI to hire psychic detective

14, Jul 2015 By CB

Home Minister Rajnath Singh is man under some pressure. India’s premier investigation CBI is poor track record in getting conviction is well known. As a result Home Minister has been asked to improve the situation. He has tough task on his hand.

And it looks like he is come up with a brilliant proposal. He has instructed CBI to hire psychic detective. Explaining his decision during a press conference Minister said, “Last evening while browsing through TV channels, I watched Mentalist on TV. The show is amazing. It has character called Patrick Jane who is Psychic working as a consultant with CBI (in this case it’s California Bureau of Investigation, to solve tough cases. We plan to hire psychic to help us as well. Initially this role would be of a consultant for a pilot and depending upon on results we would review the arrangement”.

Rajnath’s inspiration

Minister was very optimistic or at least hopeful this would help and change CBI’s fortune. He is not denying the fact CBI’s track record needs improvement. He genuinely believes this is a step in right direction. Minister did not clarify which cases would be used for this pilot program. But sources have told your newspaper that it could be a high profile case like 2G. Sources have told that since Coal Scam is Supreme Court monitored investigation there is not scope for including it in pilot. 2G is better bet.

This announcement has been received with mix results. BJP spokesman have welcomed the move and said, “This move shows how serious Modi government is to fight corruption”. Congress has called it a “political vendetta”. Left parties are not too pleased with this. Their spokesman said, “This is clear evidence of too much of American influence. India should stay committed to non alignment movement and it’s principles”.

Faking News contacted Simon Baker the actor who played character of Patrick Jane. The actor was delighted that his character has inspired such a move. He has promised to help out Indian authorities.

Clearly this is a very innovative move. It’s true that desperate circumstances call for desperate actions. Clearly Home Ministry is determined to fix CBI. Only time would tell whether this move improves the organisation or makes it worse. But one thing is sure, you have to admire creative and innovative thinking of Home Ministry officials….