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Inspired by Chetan Bhagat, Amish Tripathi joins Masterchef India as a judge

16, Jun 2015 By upmanyu

Amish Tripathi, the acclaimed novelist of the Shiva trilogy has confirmed that he will be joining Masterchef India as a judge in the next season.

Anyone can dance and anyone can cook
Anyone can dance and anyone can cook

When contacted, Amish showed a lot of enthusiasm and was eagerly looking forward to pass on judgement on something that he himself had not attempted….ever.

He says that the move is inspired by fellow novelist Chetan Bhagat’s entry as one of the judges for the dance competition-cum-reality show for semi-celebs, Nach Baliye.

The CFAO (Celebs for Any Occasion) Agency had contacted Amish earlier in the year but he was a little apprehensive and was unable to commit on the same at that point of time. However, when he saw Chetan on the small screen, he was amazed and saw how easy it was to pass on judgement on other’s dancing abilities as well as their personal lives and immediately accepted the offer from CFAO.

Amish maintains that he has absolutely no knowledge about cooking and is purely acting like a judge because of his pseudo-celeb status. There is absolutely no relation between what he does and what he will be providing judgement on, thereby putting an end to the speculation on his next book being about culinary arts.

The show will be premiering during the monsoon season and Amish is hopeful that some of the contestants will come up with lots of chai-pakodas.