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Inspired by Alia Bhatt, Rahul Gandhi shoots his own parody video

26, Aug 2014 By krantikari_yeda

Genius of the year (Yes this is her new pseudonym) Alia Bhatt who was target of jokes on the social media for her General Knowledge skills recently released her video on how she gains supernatural power of knowledge with the help of few mental gym instructors and goes on to win coffee hamper on Koffee with Karan. This video has gone viral and all the big intellectual people of Bollywood have appreciated her sporting attitude.

Rahul Gandhi going for shooting the video

Inspired by the same, Prince and Vice-President of Indian National Congress who has also been target of the jokes on social media for no reasons has decided to do the same and started shooting for his own parody video. Dentsu has organised the filming and the video will be shot in Disney world along with the Disney’s famous characters.

When Faking News contacted Rahul Gandhi he responded, “I want show the world how knowledgeable Rahul baba is, people have been making jokes about me even before Alia Bhatt entered bollywood. I was supposed to shoot it first, but due to busy schedule of watching Chhota Bheem and sometimes attending parliament I forgot that I had to shoot a video to look grown-up and intelligent, but in the meantime Alia Bhatt copied my theme just like BJP government copied our manifesto and populist schemes. Now I will show what is meant by being intellectual fool.”

This will mark the entry of Rahul Gandhi in a secular Bollywood family where only Khan’s are ruling the box office,” articulated Digvijay Singh, whereas BJP is claiming it to be another publicity stunt to showcase that he was not responsible for the debacle of Congress in the elections. Expectations among the people have increased and are eagerly waiting for the video to be uploaded on YouTube so that he can be trolled again.

Meanwhile recent development have suggested that Inspired by Sadie’s video where she says that she doesn’t want her brother to grow up, Priyanka Vadra is shooting another video titled “ I want my brother to grow up”.