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India's Asli champions are well-built

10, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The strong bodied tinsel town actors would not have won the champion title if they were part of the show.Their muscles are for sheer show. They could not perform those physical feats shown by the participants in the show, emphasised a group of viewers. It takes nine months to form a new life while India’s Asli Champion was chosen in nine weeks”, said Sunil Shetty, the show host. In both the male and female categories the champions were awarded cash and kind for proving their physical stamina, endurance and effort consistently. One contestant’s guardians rightly stated that they also turned out to be champion herewith.

Presenting the show with all his abilities, the yesteryear film actor continued to entertain the competitors and viewers till Sunday night grand finale episode. Whatever was missed in earlier days got completed with the funnier questions of the concocted TV journalist just at the start of the final. Of course, the female competitors were no less inferior in bodily strength and determination till their last struggle. The results were pretty different from what the spectators were expecting.

In a humorous tone, the pretending bespectacled journalist asked Anna (Sunil Shetty) of the secret behind his fitness and staying strong. Coming down from his vanity van he stated that it was his regular habit of exercise. The host’s voice and physique were attuned. His customary line hai dum in a different posture was quite interesting. He continued to encourage the contestants to maintain their tempo high and bouncy.

The road to final for Rao and Supa Parvin was not easy to attain. It was too tough to surmount. The repeated endeavours for lifting several drums tied together by one male medallist were a painful sight for the viewers. Along with this, the two female finalists desperately fought for their respective better performances but their battle failed disturbingly.