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Indian train reaches earlier than its scheduled time as driver was watching Furious 7

21, Apr 2015 By HARSH DOLIA

Pune. Primary investigations from Detective Byomkesh Bakshi suggested that driver of train number 16588, Venketesh Vettikutti was watching “Fast and Furious 7” while driving which is the main reason for its early arrival at Pune.

First time in the history of Indian railway, the announcement on station was: “Passengers kind attention please. Train no. 16588 is running earlier by 30 minutes than its scheduled time. Please thank us for serving you better and better all the time. LOL.”

Fast and Furious 7
The reason for the miracle

Honourable PM Harendra Kodi was delivering his speech at UN when his PA Samit Shah gave him this news. He announced, “Achche din aa gaye for the Indian Railways.”

Omama on this commented, “Indian train reached half an hour early, are you kidding me?” Kodi replied, “When you can joke with innocent Pakistan and helpless Afghanistan about providing help, why cannot I joke with you? LOL.”

Sejriwal tweeted, “This fabulous achievement is because we have used our “Jhaddu” to clean up the railway lines.”

R.Gandhi did not commented on this as he was busy watching Doremon and Chotta Bheem.

Team avengers has announced Venketesh Vettikutti as brand ambassador for their film’s promotion and has given him name “The real avenger.” Fast & Furious team has signed a 3 movie deal with him and started a contest named “Selfie with Venkie”, as per our sources. RGV has declared his next to be the biopic on Venketesh.

Pakhi sawant said, “Venketesh was eating our party’s “hari mirchi” which produced fire in his left bum and the nano particles of hari mirchi activated the hydrocarbons which circulated the micromembranes of his left hand which motivated him to push the accelerator and train rushed half an hour early. Call the media, call the media.”

Further investigations found that before 15 years Venketesh has been to jail for 2 days in rash driving case but like Balman khan after 13 years he revealed the court that he was not driving the car. Amidst all this drama, Venketesh remained silent as he did not wanted to announce that this train had to be there on 20th of april which was late by 23 hours and 30 minutes.