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Indian music industry runs out of music

17, Aug 2013 By rishabh20

The Indian music industry is facing the worst crisis ever,something even worse than Koena Mitra’s nose job. If reports are to be believed, the industry is out of music! They have exhausted all the permutation and combinations of lyrics,copied every single piece of tune from kazakistani and tanzanian music industries and now have no more songs remaining to increase the run time of movies such as golmaal, golmaal 2, golmaal 3.

Allegedly Pritam had already foreseen that a situation like this was to come, this is what he had to say “well what can I say..I knew this was going to happen and I even did my bit to conserve a few more songs by taking inspiration from the music industry of mars and converted their songs using Google translator which eventually all turned out to be superhits on earth, voila I’m such a genius!”.

“I am sad that a situation like this has come. Gone are those days when songs were written to suit the script and not vice-versa. Infact we’ve reached such a stage where even movie titles are taken from the songs we had written in our time. But we’ll face it together..” rued Javed Akhtar. Salim(not to be confused with salim-suleiman) khan, Javed Akhtar’s ex-partner said ” what wonderful days those were.Javed saab and I would make songs out of random utterances while young Salman would be cussing on the new born Vivek Oberoi for not sharing his toys.”

The latest burning sensation in the world of music and the man behind ‘eye to eye’, Taher Shah claims to have found an antidote to the problem,or so he says “I have figured out a new mathematical formula which when applied to a given song, will transfigure it into something even more wonderful.eye to eye for example is a result of this ingenious technique”.However doctors all the world have cautioned the use of this formula ,saying”We receive daily thousands of cases where people have severely damaged their retina after watching the music video of ‘eye to eye’ and so anyone in support of the human race must oppose this man.”

Following the rumours, people all over the nation have stopped listening to music for a while now in order to relish their favourite songs years later once they forget them,”I have instead switched to western music and am nowadays addicted to justin beiber.Infact she has motivated me to apply for the ‘art of living’ course” said Sandeep Tiwari, a regular reader of Laal Kitaab Amrit and follower of Nirmal Baba.

However, rahul gandhi quashing all rumours said that “this is just a state of mind..” This remark, people believe, will be included in his long list of achievements on