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Indian Game of thrones fan sues the franchisee after torrent debacle

29, Apr 2015 By shahshalinb

Jagdish Mangalsutra[1] from Hindustan, a self-proclaimed die hard Game Of Thrones (GOT) fan has sued the franchisee’s Indian webcaster for mental-harassment and fraud. In the 69 page lawsuit filed in the district court here, he claims the laggardness in handling of the first four episodes of the latest GOT season has caused him mental harassment and lost him a week of his life. He has also named Airtel in the lawsuit as a co-conspirator.

In his lawsuit, he blames KickA**torrents as a webcaster of GOT in India for releasing all 4 episodes at one go instead of the promised one episode a week. He claims this led him getting to know all the spoilers from his friends who had BSNL internet connection before he could watch the show because he had subscribed to Airtel zero plan of internet without understanding completely that second word of the plan was the speed he will get while downloading because KickA**Torrents had not tied up with Airtel.

He further claims that on Sunday night, when finally the episodes started finishing downloading he had to binge watch them, which took a toll on him as he could get his sleep only at 5 am in the morning. He claims this led to missing the Monday morning lecture at his college and the professor detained him. When he finally reached at 4 pm for the lecture and tried to explain the reason for his lateness, the professor suspended him mistaking it for the other binge because he couldn’t start an induction motor.

A press release from Airtel said that – “the company supports net neutrality and will charge all torrents at 100Rs. a download from now to provide 200kbps speed neutrally to all, in spirit with its promise of net neutrality.” It further added that – “in this case Jagdish had sent an email to TRAI (as released by TRAI) supporting net neutrality and so he is getting a neutral speed.”

Meanwhile the court has refused to entertain Mangalsutra’s plea on the grounds that it was judge’s recess time when he appealed. Sensing that he’ll not get justice here, Mangalsutra has decided to demand a trial by combat.

[1] Similar to ~Jon SNOW from Winterfell Winterfell: What fell in winter – Snow Hindustan: What falls on a Hindu (female) Stan – Mangalsutra