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Indian astronaut seen coming back from space for Dhoom 3 premiere

13, Dec 2013 By handsomethakur

UCF is excited to watch Katrina’s acting.

Ozone layer/Washington/Mumbai. In what was supposed to be a historic event in the field of science – a much hyped launch of NASA’s newest robotic explorer, Maven, rocketed toward Mars – turned out to be a historic event for different reason altogether as one if its Indian crew member jumped off the shuttle to come back on Earth for the premiere of Dhoom 3.

While NASA gave a confirmation on the Indian Astronaut leaving the space shuttle last night, Aditya Chopra confirmed on the media reports which said Dhoom 3 premiere might be delayed by a day or two if the Indian Astronaut fails to land on time.

The Indian astronaut who calls himself UCF – an abbreviation for an Uday Chopra Fan – claims himself to be the biggest Uday Chopra fan alive on the Earth. Uday Chopra, on the other hand refused to believe this piece of news and considers this to be another innovative marketing strategy of Aamir Khan for their upcoming movie Dhoom 3. Aamir Khan when contacted over the phone by our correspondent took so much time to answer the question that our correspondent felt asleep and hung up.

Interestingly, Uday Chopra was thinking of dragging NASA to the court for using his name and that of his upcoming movie to garner cheap publicity for the launch of their robotic explorer ‘Maven’. However, when he was shown the reports from international media confirming the news – he blushed and promised to autograph all of the NASA’s future satellite shuttles.

This episode has brought in a lot of laurels for Bollywood and the entire fraternity is busy making most of it. Priyanka Chopra has decided to rope in UCF for her next single ‘Desi Astronaut’, while Aditya Chopra is planning to release his films across all space stations in the universe. Shah Rukh Khan – who till now wanted to bring Oscars to India – now wants to bring NASA to India and Ashutosh Gowarikar has already announced a movie on this entire incident ‘Swades 2’.

Looking at all the international attention for her film Katrina Kaif has stopped taking Hindi classes, Salman Khan has decided to show that ‘jumping off space shuttle scene’ in his upcoming action movie, while Aamir Khan was still seen thinking for the question our correspondent asked him yesterday.