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Inception-2 plot revealed, to be based in India

18, Sep 2013 By parthya

LOS ANGELES: Rumors that Christopher Nolan is planning sequel to the 2010 box office hit Inception seems to be true. Faking News’ Hollywood correspondent got in touch with a close associate of Mr. Nolan, and he has confirmed that the cult film director-writer is indeed working on the script.

Indian audience is waiting with bated breath for this magnum opus.

It is understood that Mr.Nolan got the idea while he was surfing through Indian TV news channels. “He told me that there was this person who spoke about deleting his own dreams and incept dreams of thousands of other people. Chris was hooked on to the idea.”

To understand what those thousands dreamt about, our source said, Nolan started his research into Indian politics of dreams when he found another dreamy video on Youtube. Even Nolan admitted that he never thought of such complex plot where thousands dream the dreams a certain other person incepted in them about 25 years ago. Now those dreams are put into mind of earlier mentioned person, who also happens to be his son. This is dreams within dreams passed on to generations.

On asked whether Leo DiCaprio’s character Dom Cobb will also be part of this movie, the source replied in negative. “No, DiCaprio will not be part of this film, nor will be his character. Only character from first part that will also be part of this movie is Mr. Saito (played by Ken Watanabe). He is contacted by an Indian who learns about the agreement between Saito and Cobb, if you remember, Saito arranges immigration to Cobb who is not welcomed in America.”

Source confirmed the plot being that this Indian promises Saito to destroy politics of dreams of father-son in return of entry into USA. Saito represents foreign evil rich corporate that is against poor of India.

Inception-2 is planned to be released around June 2014.