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Imran Hashmi to help evacuate trapped Indians out of Yemen

15, Apr 2015 By total gadha

New age actor Imran Hashmi, who is pretty optimist about his upcoming film Mr. X, has offered his help to rescue more Indians from war torn country Yemen.

Speaking to a crazy reporter of Faking News, he told that he possessed all skills required to handle operation Rahat.2. He Further added, “Government spent crores of rupees sending aircraft carriers and warships to Djibouti and port city of Aden; I could have carried Indians safely and invisibly back to India”.

Emraan Hashmi all set to Rescuing Indians in Yemen
Emraan Hashmi all set to rescuing trapped Indians in Yemen

Director Vikram Bhatt who is excited by Imran’s decision said, “Imran is a very talented actor, till now he used to sign films based on the number of kissing scenes a movie has, but this time he insisted for the demanding script. Taking part in this type of operation will not only do publicity of the film but will also prove to be an act of philanthropy”. On being asked whether he’s going to make any sequel of the movie, he told, “The writer of the movie Shagufta has already started writing script under guidance of Christopher Nolan and Sajid Khan for unnamed sequel of Mr.X”.

Meanwhile, Aaj Tak and The Times of India have bought the telecast and publishing rights of the forthcoming operation respectively. Aaj Tak claims that it will cover the proceedings faster than the speed of light.

Hearing about latest happenings, Gen. V.K Singh almost got fainted and was admitted in a city hospital. Congress and other secular parties under proficient leadership of Mrs. Gandhi have demanded resignation of PM Modi and accused him of wasting nation’s wealth on operation rahat, which otherwise could have been handled by Imran Hashmi at a minimum cost.