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Illimitable option for nervous girl

06, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: A girl’s left eye was being operated upon by a surgeon. She was worried over her lone presence in the operation theatre. She beseeched the doctor to bring the boyfriend beside her. Extra people are usually not allowed to the operation extent. The girl’s continuous requests caused the busy doctor to convince the girl. However, the girl was not convinced at the doctor’s assurance. Actually, her fright was reinforced with nurse’s absence from the closed room. As she was not assisting doctor which made the girl’s restless as she could not rely upon her boyfriend.

Such narrative appears to have touched the storyline of the Hindi film Jab Harry met Sejal. When Shahrukh Khan was overheard saying of himself a cheap kind of person in the film it agrees with his ample interest in the good-looking girls. But he denies this trait of his debonair standing by revealing the fact that he was not very cheap for the directors or the producers. The most interesting part of the discussion remained why did the Punjabi singers sing so loudly? The amusing answer focussed on the tractor’s loud voice made the singers keep their singing pitch on the shrill note. Whether it is perfect or imperfect the singers’ voice creates noisy beats like the overseas vocalists.

Sejal laajawab hai, Anushaka ka koi jawab nahi, said Shahrukh Khan during the film’s promotion talk with popular Bauwa. Quickly the vivacious heroine told that Harry hai, Shahrukh rahenge. There was also discussed how the title of the film kept on changing and lastly it was settled on Jab Harry met Sejal. It is much near the original flick title when Harry met Sally. What was imperfect if the name in the title would have been indigenous? Sejal is desi name but Harry does not go well with the native version. Actually, Harry is celebrating the birthday in African environment with Markel and does not consider him cheap in any way.