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IIFA felicitates those actors who missed voting in Mumbai

25, Apr 2014 By 0mar Abdullah

Mumbai:  Bollywood celebrities have been doing their best to make aware of voting rights to the people of India since the announcement of dates for Lok Sabha elections, 2014.

Some Bollywood actors tweeted, posted FB posts on their Fan page, debated on various news channels about national issues and requested their fans that they must vote if they want good governance.

Sources say that on the voting-day they themselves didn’t cast the vote and off to US for IIFA awards.

Biggest hypocrite?
Biggest hypocrite?

“Too much hawt and unbearable humidity in Bombay. It’s good I am here,” Bollywood celeb said.

Sources close to Bollywood fraternity tell Faking News that IIFA has decided to felicitate those actors, with special memento, who missed the voting in Mumbai.

When asked why IIFA has decided to present memento to them, IIFA Chairman said, “Look it’s very simple, they are actor and their work is to do acting.”

“They had acted very well via debates on Nation Channels, Tweets & FB post,” Chairman further said, “In the end they themselves missed the voting and I was impressed with this kind of acting.”

Few Bollywood actors specially came to India to cast their vote and unconfirmed sources say that they are not happy with this kind of felicitation and may demand for some recognition from IIFA.

Now those actors who missed voting in Mumbai apologized via Tweets.

“This is what actor all about. First preach on TV about people rights and then make sure they don’t indulge in those activities and in the end apologies to their fans without any guilt. And this make our decision of presenting them memento even stronger,” IIFA Chairman said.