Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Of idea to dispel sting menace

24, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Hot & humid weather along with higher temperatures are not scorching the tiny murmuring mosquitoes whenever these insects need to sting anaemic residents. Every endeavour to shoo away the callous stinging creepy-crawly flies fails. The moment the fans stop revolving over our heads they stealthily hurt us and we continue to curse these cautious creatures. The residents’ expectation of fogging drive appears to have dwindled with the rescheduling of the civic bodies’ elections in our state. Otherwise, we were quite confident of one or two drives for amputation of the hurtful mosquitoes.

So far the only option remains with the hapless residents is to use the traditional net. It gives a certain level of relief. However, the deft mosquitoes pave the way for its entry inside the net mesh. There are smart people too. When they become totally miserable with the insects’ constant incursion, they make up their mind to devise solid ways to deal with them. The methods are not often similar but the aims are just the same. They like to enjoy the sleep without any unnecessary disturbance. Irritated with the influx of the mosquitoes, one student stretched a better quality net on his cot.

Unmindful of a slightly small hole in the net he found the small armies of the mosquitoes were continuously hurting him and he was perturbed with the troublemakers. He got up to think and think. His mind, fortunately, clicked an idea. It was a kind of instant tactic. He applied his brains in the direction of Jaise Ko Taisa. It worked positively. He pierced a small thin transparent rubber pipe in the hole and passed it through another hole. Now, the mosquitoes were coming from one hole and going away by another exit pipe. He enjoyed the beauty sleep and appeared in the final year examination in the morning with a fresh mind.