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I&B Ministry asks news channels to air Big Boss type reality shows with Congress leaders

10, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

The Information & Broadcasting Ministry has issued an advisory to news channels asking them to focus on covering Congress leaders only, in a Big Boss kind of format, instead of featuring on communally divisive leaders.

Very soon on News channels.
Imagine these characters being replaced by leaders.

“We do not understand why these news channels cannot just focus their time and energy covering young dynamic leaders like Rahul Gandhiji or Manish Tewariji or Digvijay Singhji as they go about their daily activities,” a spokesperson from the I&B Ministry said. “After all, the world needs to know how the people misgoverning our country spend the better part of their days.”

The government owned TV channel, Doordarshan, which most people haven’t watched in the last fifteen years, has already started preparing to implement the move.

“Instead of Big Boss, we will call the show Zero Loss or something like that to emphasize that no state exchequer funds or resources will be wasted in covering Congress leaders 24 by 7,” a spokesperson for Doordarshan said.

While most news channels protested against the move, portals such as Faking News welcomed it. “We get twenty articles every time Rahul Gandhi makes a speech,” Pagal Patrakar, the Editor in Chief of Faking News said. “Imagine the kind of content we will get is somebody is covering him 24 hours a day. Instead of people like Rakesh Roshan, I will be sitting on 200 crores!”