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'I killed the Black Buck with a gulel', actor Salman Khan's Driver tells the court

31, Mar 2015 By yogesh911

Mumbai: After claiming to be at the wheel in the SUV that of  Salman Khan has been accused of driving and crushing people sleeping on a pavement in Mumbai in 2002, Salman’s driver entered the supreme court forcefully, during the ongoing trial against Salman Khan in Black Buck Poaching Case.

He intervened the court proceedings to suddenly confess to have killed the black buck. He claimed that he and the actor went to the jungle to relieve themselves after Jackie Shroff decided not to flush the toilet on the sets of Hum Saath Saath hain. Earlier he had issued a statement in court on the Salman Khan hit and run case saying,“I was driving and we were at some distance on Hill Road when a guy jumped under the SUV. I steered the vehicle towards the left but he got up and again jumped under the SUV. I thought of applying the brakes but then I didn’t. We found a note in his pocket saying he wanted to die under Salman bhai’s car”.

Making a similar claim in the Salman’s killing the black buck case, he said, “I was carrying a gulel and we were at some distance from the set. As soon we sat down to relieve ourselves Salman bhai heard Jackie Shroff calling his name. So bhai got scared and I took out the gulel and took a stone, swung it in the air which killed the black buck about a kilometer away.” Later he told that they went to see the buck and found it dead. He said that Salman researched the internet and found Black Buck to be a protein burst and decided to carry it on his shoulders and cook it at home.

Earlier this year Salman Khan was sentenced by local court of a jail term of 5 years for possession of a lethal gulel and poaching the buck with it. On being asked about the progression after so many years, Salman said he had suffered sudden memory loss after breaking up with Aishwarya and from what he could remember his driver had poached the buck. While the driver was overheard telling Salman to do whatever he wanted, break all laws and he would take responsibility for all.