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I am an Indian: Arnold Shwarzennegger

18, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

In what seems to be a shocking revelation, Arnold Schwarzenegger has claimed to be of Indian origin. Arnold who currently holds a birth certificate of Austria revealed that his certificate is forged and he actually was born in India.

Arnold also came back to his roots.
Arnold also came back to his roots.

In an emotional outburst, Arnold reportedly said, “My parents were Indian and I was brought up in India. We owned a small bungalow in Shivajinagar area of Pune, Maharashtra.I also contested and won the prestigious “Maharashtra Shree” competition for three consecutive times. It was then that people started knowing me as ‘Arnold of Shivajinagar’ and the name stuck. After moving to US I gave my sobriquet american touch and adopted the surname Schwarzenegger which was very similar sounding to Shivajinagar. Even today my surname constantly reminds me of Shivajinagar where I spent some very beautiful years of my life”.

After the interview went viral, a total of 2387 gym instructors claimed to have trained Arnold. Greatly moved by the news, Maharashtra government has proposed to construct a fully equipped Gymnasium in place of Schwarzenegger Bungalow.