Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

What hubby desired was owned by him

01, Sep 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: There is nothing unique in the story. When a non-resident Indian visited his wife’s parental home his experience remained completely different. As he was habitual of residing in the far-off foreign lands, his displeasure was expected. This particular visit on his part happened because of some particular reason. His wife was not accompanying him on this trip. In absence of the wife, he was not feeling better at his in-laws’ place. He was not able to decide how to pass the day. He was very much disturbed by this oddness. He was intermittently considering how nice it would have been if his wife came with him at this place.

He was not fully conversant with the villagers. He paid a visit to the village during the marriage time. Since that fateful day his return to this desolate village took place at this moment. Several ideas entered into his uneasy mind. There came a time when he almost decided to leave the place but someone compelled him to stay for a few days. At last, he decided to meet the villagers and that’s why he went up to the Panchayat Ghar.  It is at this place he met the village headman in the turban. A long discussion ensued between them.

During course of the talk he committed to offer his help in setting up windmill in this rural undeveloped area. Being a computer engineer in America he knew efficacy of the windmill in today’s precarious condition of electricity. He also opened his heart in telling the villagers of nothing worth enjoying at this countryside. The simple rural folks agreed with his special point. But they did not stop mentioning of one picky thing that was worth it. When he asked about it with the same vein, they apprised of his beautiful wife.