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Hrithik drops surname Roshan to support Kaabil

30, Jan 2017 By alien4dec

Bollywood: Last night, actor Hrithik Roshan dropped his surname on social media platform Twitter as a mark of protest against sexual assault crimes against women. Today in another breaking news, UN Women- The United Nations entity for gender equality and the empowerment of women welcomed Hrithik’s gesture and made him the brand ambassador of UN Women.

Hrithik no more Roshan
Hrithik no more Roshan

On being reached for a comment, Hrithik expressed his gratitude for this honour being conferred upon him by UN and explained why he dropped his surname from his twitter account. He said, “I did so because my wife Supriya in Kaabil is visually challenged but differently abled then how can I call myself a Roshan? So, as a mark of respect to her and to protect the dignity of all women from any sexual assaults, I will never use my surname again until men honour and respect women across the world”.

“We worship goodness but we forget to respect the real goodness in women. Rape is fourth most crime against women in India. Supriya was sexually assaulted by men who had eyes. I cannot tolerate any crime against women and so to give respect to all the visually challenged women of the world who undergo such assaults and harassment daily from society who have eyes yet behave like monsters, I promised myself to drop my surname henceforth”.

“Also, I encourage youth of our society to support me in this mission to promote eye donation. I have pledged to donate my eyes for the sake of humanity so that every female can watch my film Kaabil and protect themselves from any crime against them. I also declare that Kaabil will be shown free to all the visually challenged people world wide. This way I feel like paying tribute to all those women whose lives are not Roshan today but will be someday when they can visually be Roshan again”.

Well, Faking news team hopes that this small candle light which is Roshan by Hrithik, continues to be lit always like the Amar Jyoti Jawan and even though Hrithik has dropped his surname Roshan but he made his family Roshan for always by his deeds.