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How does Sonakshi Sinha get so many movies, mystery deepens

26, Dec 2013 By letdownfan

With another blockbuster plus egregious movie RRR…Rajkumar hitting the floors, the mystery of Sonakshi Sinha getting so many movies has further deepened. The question which has puzzled many B-world pundits ;in an industry obsessed with zero figure and malnourished models with wooden expressions how an oval shaped, bubbly girl with Sadhana cut forehead alone can give so many flops???

Sonakshi SInha
Sonakshi Sinha has no answer.

Unable to solve this puzzle many of the minds has started believing otherwise that its these extra ‘Kismat ki lakeerein’ that has been playing an inconspicuous role in her success while others have believed in remaining silent (KHAMOSH) with no comments at all. Seeing the eye catching mystery CID’s Pradyuman who has constantly proved the speculation of his retirement wrong with ever-coming seasons of CID has decided to take this case in his hands and has said in a statement that this may prove to be a turning point his career. Daya another superhero character who has lost a fortune in paying the bills of doors broken by him has been called to start the investigation, but was unavailable for any queries.

Though in the mean time faking news has started its own investigation and in a not so surprising revelation one of the faking news sources has revealed on the condition of anonymity that most of the fans in facebook page of Sonakshi Sinha are the fake profiles of her family members.

In another mean time Sonakshi Sinha’s P.A has released a press statement saying, ” She has really tried to bring something new into her character in this movie which she has been trying to master since last ten movies”.

With so many permutations and combinations in this case and the entry of ‘much’ experienced players like CID everyone is eagerly waiting for this mystery to unfold with a belief on a future of entertaining entertainment.