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Horrid hints hang up at water saving

13, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Denizens were told to save water through various ways. The water level is going down by an average of 65 centimetres per year in the city. As many as 2765348000 litres of water are being used daily. Suggestions are many and answers are moody.

First, use sanitizer for cleaning hands instead of water. But the residents point out how we can change our age-old habit of cleaning by water. Using sanitizer seems more like a business basic. When we are paying water tax, we are liable to use water. We live in the warm surroundings so only making use of water can satisfy us in the matter of cleaning our hands.

Secondly, do not keep running the basin tap open while shaving. Good advice indeed but we carry on with the slower flow of water. A person applying razor on removing his face hairs repeatedly cleanses the razor for smooth shaving. So, how could it be possible just now?

Thirdly, Avoid shower for bathing. But how can a fat man complete his bath in a bucket of water? He requires sufficient water only to put soap all over his body. His rounded belly has need of much water. Forgetting shower is also a problem for the ladies as they are a regular user of the shower bath.

Fourthly, bring in use the waste water coming out of the water purifying machine for cleaning the floor. The housewives are so careless as they instruct the maids for the household chores. They never like to see the daily cleaning work of the whole length of their respective places. Therefore there remains no chance of collecting the waste water by them.

Fifthly, wash the pet animals on alternate days. But the owners find it better to rinse them daily. They think if they would not wash them on the routine basis it will be deemed a violation of the animals’ anti-cruelty rule. These silent creatures too need treatment like humans as Vet docs emphasise upon.

Sixthly, apply wet clothes on vehicles’ cleaning. But the drivers suppose grimes and other dusts can be specifically cleared by forceful sprinkling of the water on every area of the vehicle. It is only then complete shine and glow return to the car or the motorcycle or the scooty. Even the drivers also find their fingers safe from injury.

Seventhly, keep the bathroom tap off if no use is required. Habitually every citizen follows this norm in the life. The tap comes into function only after the water requirement. So, this suggestion is redundant for the rule-abiding people.

Lastly, the people should go to the river for the bath as they should realise a different feeling. But what about those who were staying near the seaside.