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Honey Singh to launch sequel of volume 1

03, Sep 2014 By ndutt

In a well expected move, Honey Singh has finally decided to return to his original genre of songs. After another flop album, Honey Singh has given into his fans’ demand to release volume 2. The long – awaited announcement was made in a joint press conference of Honey Singh, Bad’ass’aah and Sasha Grey.

“I know that everyone was eagerly waiting for this song, and this time no one will be disappointed. It will be better and harder than volume 1. It will be the biggest hit of this century,” Honey Singh told to reporters. Honey Singh had approached Bad’ass’aah to sing just one line ‘Badshah – Badshah kahke kaat tu mera lo**,” Bad’ass’aah, who has not been able to produce any hit song after volume 1, immediately gave his consent. For the role of a s*ut, Honey Singh had first contacted Sunny Leone, but after seeing some videos of Sasha Grey, he changed his mind.

But the title of the song is yet to be decided. “We are confused among C***, L*** and G****,” told Sasha grey. On being asked why she is doing this song, Sasha replied that she wants to enter the Bollywood like Sunny Leone. “After volume 1, Honey Singh became so famous that he didn’t need to make volume 2 for 8 years. I also want to be famous like him,” said Sasha Grey.

This song will be sung in 69 different accents including Haryanvi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Marathi – Hindi and Tamil – Hindi to strengthen his claims for Grammy. “Yo Yo is the only rapper who understands the feelings of youth, this song will surely win him Grammy,” said a die – hard Yo Yo fan named Mah Lyf Mah rulzzzz who has made a new album ‘Desi Blaatkaar’, on the lines of Desi Kalaakaar.

According to sources, Honey Singh is daily visiting a Pir Baba to seek blessings for the song.

Meanwhile, T-Series has bought all the video and audio copyrights of the song.