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Honey Singh made me give up doping - Lance Amstrong

16, Jan 2013 By Yours Truly

In a shocking confession to Oprah Winfrey, Lance Amstrong has confessed that he gave up doping because of Yo Yo Honey Singh. In what will be the most shocking aspect of his confession, which will be telecast on Thrusday and Friday, Lance Amstrong is believed to have said that he was a staunch believer in doping untill he heard a song by Yo Yo Honey Singh which asks youth to stop doping.

We have searched our archives and found the song “Dope Shope” which have lyrics like..

Aazma ke vekhe ni tu nashe saare, hona ki ae tera aggey mutiyaare Ainwi khaali tidh liver na saadheya karo Enna vi na dope shope maareya karo

Kehnde si ge munde tenu sirre di rakaan Bann ke tu reh gayi hun nashe di dukaan Haye dino din mukki jaandi meri jaan Saare nashe eh te nashe wale khasma u khaan Teri ehi gallan ton hun main rehnda pareshan Enna vi na dope shope maareya karo

Readers of Faking News 2.0 will recall that Yo Yo Honey Singh was in news recently for being banned from doing a new year eve show in Punjab.  Many womens organisation have opposed the kind of lyrics used in his songs and had claimed that Yo Yo Honey Singh was the real culprit behind rise in rape crimes in the country. These activist “proved” that the Honey Singh provoked the rapist and hence he should be banned for life. However, with this fresh input coming from Lance Amstrong – who is ironically already banned (for doping) – it will be interesting to see what these activist have to say about call for ban on Honey Singh.

When we contact one such activist Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi she expressed shock that someone like Honey-whatever-Singh could have sang such a song on evils of doping and would have inspired someone as great as Lance Ji to stop doping. She asked for time to carry out official investigation on the new input and then decide on the course of action against Honey. On being informed that Honey Singh has also sung a song about how girls with brown skin look better than white girls, Ms. Lekhi was shocked and demanded evidence to that effect. After hearing the song “Brown Rang” with lyrics like

Kudiye ni tere brown rang ne, munde patt te ni saare mere town de Koi kamm utte jaave na roti paani khaave na Gori gori kudiyan nu koi munh laave na

Ms. Lekhi appeared convinced that “Shri Singh” was a changed man. She believed that song by such a renowned artist about not-so-fair (brown) girl being more attractive than fair (white) girl will help many girls who feel demotivated due to colour of their sking.  She promised to get a through investigation done into the “work” of  “Shri Singh” and if found true she would personally make sure “Shri Singh” is honored. On being asked about Lance’s confession she simply said that “Shri Singh” has brought honor to this country by guiding someone to give up bad habits.

Watch this space for further update on this confession after its telecast tomorrow.