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Honey Singh hypnotized and looted by man with blue eye lenses

26, Nov 2013 By Sandeep Singh

Delhi – The new hit single of Honey Singh is now on everybody’s tongue. However the lyrics “Blue Eyes hypnotize kardi menu” has let out a very important and vulnerable weakness of the Rapper out.

File photo of a reportedly “Hypnotized Honey Singh”.

The capital city is very well known for its crime rate, the criminals don’t even forgives celebrities. The controversial singer was returning to his hotel after a gig in Gurgaon when in the middle of the road the alleged came and the driver had to stop the car.

Wo bekhoff tha .. gaadi ke saamne aa gaya, ab upar to nahi chada sakta tha rokni padi gaadi. Par jab wo Saab (Honey Singh) ke pass aaya to saab chup ho gaye aur jo usne kaha wo karne lage, usne jo maanga sab de diya saab ne. Wallet, Ghadi aur jo tha sab apne agle gaane ke lyrics bhi de diye,” Babu Bhaiya, the driver informed media.

The police are still searching for any clue but the superchor Banti is in the circle of doubts, “Cases like these are very cunningly planned, whenever we are up against something creative like that Banti is the first person that comes to our minds.” said the Police Commissioner.

Sources close to Honey Singh were worried since the release of the song. Faking news got in touch with Yo Yo’s wife, “I told him not to use those lyrics, I know how easily he is controlled by blue eyes. Aap hi batao Ra.One jaise picture koi 10 baar kaise dekh sakta hai ! Just because of the Blue lenses of SRK he watched the movie so many times. To be frank with you, I always have a pair of Blue contacts in my purse, but I am his wife I can do that.”

Dr. P.k Gupta, a behavior Psychologist explained the problem of Honey Singh,”Brown Rang, Bebo Di ya Galla Pink Pink and now this Blue Eyes clearly this guy is smitten by colors. Some people are color blind and some are intensely crazy for them.”