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Honey Singh hospitalized after consuming 4 vodka bottles in a day

02, Jul 2015 By ajeeb

Mumbai: Honey Singh popularly known as Yo Yo Honey Singh, a youth icon and a prime rapper, is bedridden since yesterday because of downing with 4 vodka bottles at a party.

The incident happened at a party owned by Rich housing society at Dharavi. Ace musician and actor, Singh, was invited as a guest. He had been there to perform on his own legendary rap songs for which he was also paid 1000 INR in cash, an onlooker confirmed.

Yo Yo Honey Singh
Yo Yo Honey Singh about to Puke!

Talking to faking news, Mr Aslum, the party organizer, said, “We were enjoying like anything man, but suddenly someone challenged him to drink four bottles of vodka simultaneously while performing the cult revolutionary song ‘4 Bottle Vodka’.” Adding further he said “Sir. Singh refused to drink that amount as it is way beyond his capacity because he had 3.5 bottles prior to the party, but he accepted the challenge by swigging a half of Simran Off.”

“Right after the Vodka, which was neat, he started puking all over the place and was faint in no time”,  told an onlooker on conditions of anonymity, which reveals that Singh’s illness, was caused because of the liquor. Minutes after the collapse, he was rushed to Mayawati hospital, where he is being treated with intensive care.

Singh, Talking to faking news over the telephone, said, “I am fine, I puked and got wasted because of bad food. The organizers should be questioned about the quality of food they were serving at the party.” He further added, “Everyone knows that mera jaisa koi nahi meri buddhi kharab”.

However, the doctors’ report confirmed that he was a victim of alcohol poisoning, which is caused when one goes beyond an alcohol consumption limit.

Meanwhile, throughout the country, in spite of Singh being accused of writing a pro-rape song, majority of youth were seen praying for their icon’s recovery from this illness.