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Hip-hoppers to discontinue hip-hop as genre and Grammy to discontinue as award, after Honey Singh’s latest song

15, Jul 2014 By vargv

Famous hip-hoppers worldwide have reached an agreement to discontinue hip-hop as a genre after the self-proclaimed bad boy/hip-hop legend Yo Yo Honey Singh came out with his new song “Isse kehte hai hip hop”.

Even the Grammy organizers are contemplating banning the award after hearing this line from his latest track, Jo bhi maine bola woh main kar ke dikhaun ga, Mere liye dua karo Grammy le aaunga, Qasam bajrang bali ki, Desi ghee ki bunddi shakkar pare batvaoonga.

Yo Yo Honey Singh
His impact has gone international

Hip-hopper Eminem said, “If this is called hip hop then I don’t know what I have been doing all my life”.

“Even I don’t write shiz like that n*gga,” said a seemingly high Lil Wayne. Fans worldwide said, “Even we have our Justin Beibers, Mileys, Nicki Minajes, but this music is beyond us. This is the biggest blow from India after Anu Malik and Pritam.”

The Indian embassy has also sent their delegations to various nations in a bid to improve their deteriorating ties after this song hit the radios.

“The timing of this song couldn’t have been worse; with the new government and all important international visits lined up, this debacle was the last thing we needed,” said a spokesperson from Ministry of External Affairs.

Honey Singh fans in India are clearly upset with the developments. A teenager doing B-boying on the streets with his friends, as yo yo’s music played on their phones, was approached by Faking News.

“He is our idol. Before him we couldn’t understand foreign hip-hop; we were just posers. After listening to his songs even we have a hope that we can be famous without being talented; a few minutes of work and a nonsensical rap is all that is needed,” said Bandya as he pulled up his lose, low-waist pants which had fallen to the ground while dancing.

Complaints of parents have also surfaced over the weeks. Incidents like theft of a lady’s jewelry for bling-bling and a man’s over-sized tee shirt by their kid have been reported. Leading Film maker had this to say, “yo yo is important for our box-office revenues. A large chunk of troubled youth, people with mid-life crisis and rickshaw walas, which comprise his fan base, can easily make a difference between crossing 100cr and not.”

When we contacted Honey Singh for a comment his manger, Bablu, told us new songs of his will definitely recreate yo yo’s image. Songs like- 4 brothel roz ka, deep fries hypnotize, green hai zhaadi zhaadi, pungi dance, grope shope, have been reported to be in production. “The big heap of garbage called Bollywood deserves some more trash like yo yo songs. His songs seem like a 16-year old’s poem written while getting high on fruit beer,” said a disgusted film critic.

With hip-hoppers thinking of new genre names for their music and the uncertainty looming over the future of the Grammys, the bad boy has added another feather to his cap.